Please send us the pictures or the web links of the products. So we can make a quotation for you to different countries.

Sourcing for eCommerce shops


We can customize your prdoucts as per your request.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

We will check the products when they are arrived. If they are broken or have quality problems, we will return them and reorder from new suppliers.



We will print and stick the lables on your products after you connect our ERP system. 


For e-Commerce, we mainly work with Yun Express, 4PX Express, CNE Express, SF Express , etc., 

We also have other shipping routes for different products by different shipping companies such as cosmetics, chemicals, sensitive products, etc., 


Shipping Companies


≤100 pcs                         USD0.5/pc

100pc≤X≤1,000 pcs     USD0.3/pc

≥1,000 pcS                      USD0.2/pc  

No MOQ is required.

US 6-12 working days

CA 8-15 working days

AU 6-10 working days

EU 6-10 working days

You can ask a refund or resending if the products are damaged or lost during shipment. 

Our ERP is Dianxiaomi, which can connect 45 types of online  stores.